Current state of the Velspresso cart


Velspresso started from a love for cycling, coffee and street food.  Downtown Milwaukee has a lot of street food but nothing first thing in the morning.  Now they do!

Our food and drinks

We strive to buy everything as local as we can.  From milk from Wisconsin to tea, coffee, pastries, soups, sandwiches and quiche from right here in Milwaukee.  

Earth consciousness

Velspresso uses biodegradable cups and serves many organic and fair trade coffees and teas.   Beyond that, Velspresso is pedal powered and leaves a small footstep compared with other street vendors.  The cart was also made with over 96% re-used and recycled equipment, parts and materials.  


Portfolio of Robert Mohr


The creation of Velspresso

Velspresso was made with help from friends and the community.  Everything except some propane and water fittings, the exterior wood and some of the metal used to build the frame is second hand.  We are the worlds first bicycle coffee cart to have a propane powered commercial coffee machine!  Below you will find a photo gallery of the steps taken to make the Velspresso cart.  Any questions or Ideas let us know.  

Customer side Velspresso Bicycle Cafe

Velspresso Bike Cafe without any equipment

Two drawers inside Velspresso Bicycle Coffee Shop 

Velspresso Basic Frame.jpg
rob on cart.jpg
 Completed Bicycle Cafe

Completed Bicycle Cafe

Inside of Velspresso Bike Cafe

Espresso Machine.jpg
 Pedal Cafe drive system

Pedal Cafe drive system

 Completion of the Velspresso Bicycle Cafe frame

Completion of the Velspresso Bicycle Cafe frame